Sunday, May 20, 2012

Last Sunday!

No, not Fast Sunday, nor 7 days ago; this is our final Sunday.  We went to the High Council meeting at 7am; Hillary Michael gave her homecoming report and we gave our outgoing report.  I think the brethren were all amazed that we would be doing dentistry for 2 years.  Wouldn't Dee Dee be teaching or something more suitable?  We admitted ignorance but a desire to serve as needed.

At Sacrament meeting and during the rest of the block meetings, everyone was very solicitous of our feelings and preparation.  We have been amazed at the number of our close friends who either served in Guatemala, or had a sibling serve there, or knew a great family from there, or had married someone from there.  They all said the same thing.  We would love the country and we would adore the people.  God's children was a common thread.

Tomorrow we start with the serious list "scratching off" and the suitcase filling. We will be set apart on Thursday evening (24th) and leave early the next morning for our first stop at the Bennett's in Las Vegas.  Maybe really early the next morning.  It is the Memorial day weekend and we will have plenty of Los Angeles company on the road to Vegas.

The adventure begins.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Two more weeks!

I am finally learning how to be a blogger.  Just call me "Thoroughly Modern Dee Dee."  Our week was a busy one filled with details like switching our cars and phones and meeting with friends for our good-bye visits.  The ward threw a Good-bye Gathering where friends brought desserts and we just talked and hugged.  It was good to see everyone - for many it will be the last time for two years.
On Friday night we had a fabulous baby shower for Myrna Mariscal and her baby Leslie.  The theme was "Cute as a Button," and so we decorated the cake and the tables with fondant buttons made by Carina, Andrea and me.  Lots of people came and many others sent gifts.  Leslie is beautifully outfitted for at least six months.
Now we are beginning our final week. and Wayne is making one "To Do List" after another.  I wonder why the lists aren't getting any shorter even though we are very busy.  My nest post will be from the MTC on Sunday night, the night we check in.  Monday, May 28, Memorial Day,  is our official check-in where we need to report at 10:30.